Opportunity and obligation

Opportunity and obligation.Two separate things.If I put my mind to it I would understand the difference.Obligation is when I have to do something and opportunity is when I have a chance to do something.Think of school for example it’s an opportunity for me to have a better life than my parents.

Or if I think about what I want to be when I get older.You can be what ever you want to be if you put your mind to it.For example I want to be a doctor or think about what you want to be.You can do it if you put your mind to it.

When Im 30

In my language arts class we are writing about how our life will be when we are thirty.A day in my life when I’m 30.

At 9:30 I wake up eat some breakfast and have fun with my two children and do my job as a youtuber. After about an hour of recording I will spend time with my wife and then eat some lunch. At about 2:30 I will go shopping if there is any food needed. Later after I get home will take my family on a ride in my grampa’s old private jet.

Then if my children are I will take them to the store and let them buy something with the money they have been saving up.Later that night I will make diner and after I eat I will go to bed.

And that is a day in my life when I’m thirty!


Dear Mr.McGuire


In my language arts class we are writing a letter to Mr.McGuire about the main character in our book.

Dear Mr. McGuire,

The book I am reading is called The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda.The author’s name is Tom Angleberger.Tom Angleberger writes a lot of fiction and drama books.The main character is a folded up piece of paper named Origami Yoda.Origami Yoda is owned by a kid named Dwight Tharp.

Origami Yoda was made when Dwight was 8 and Dwight is now 12.Dwight made Origami Yoda because he had no friends and if he gave advice to people while being a different person he would make more friends.After a while Dwight got used to having Origami Yoda around that he considered him as a real person.Eventually everybody who knew Dwight thought Origami Yoda was a living being.

The thing me and the main character Origami Yoda have in common is that both are very helpful in situations like if someone is hurt or in a bad mood.Another thing we have in common is that we are always quiet and protective over certain things.One thing we don’t have in common is of coures he is paper and i’m not.Another thing we don’t have in common is that someone ownes Origami Yoda and i’m not owned by anybody.

One thing that I like the book is that there is a lot of problems that the kids go through.One major problem is in chapter 5 but i’m not going to spoil the chapter.One thing that I think Tom Angleberger could of changed in the book is to make Dwight not as bad in school.I bet he would agree if he read this paragragh.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes dramas and if they like to have to have happy endings to books.I would also recommend this book to boys and girls.If I was the main character, it would make the book a little more interesting.You would problobly like this book to.

Sincerely, David

My Poem

In my language arts class we making our own poem.
The real verse
I was walking
across the lawn.
It was dark
and I was afraid.
I heard a noise.
My verse(#1)
As I walked
across the lawn
I was scared
by the scary noise
 in the darkness
of the night.
My verse(#2)
Scared and hopeless
I heard a noise
as i walked across
the pitch black

A Girl

The girl on the sidewalk

smelled like a old sock

            And even looked worse than a bald hawk.

She was a horrible jock

which wasn’t a shock

and she never talks.




Swear To Howdy

In my language arts class we are writing about what we would make the main story about in Swear To Howdy.We have only read three chapters in this book but I recommend this book to people who like comedy.

If I were to write the main story of the book I would let Russel (First main character)  and Joey (second main character) be best friends until the ninth chapter then make their parents get mad at each other and want to move.

Dear Mr.McGuire

    Dear Mr. McGuire,

     I want to tell you about my book by R.L Stine, my book is called Goosebumps Horrorland Dr.Maniac VS. Robby Schwartz. In my book the main character is named Robby. In the book Robby’s brother was playing a board game and got taken away by Robby’s super villain that he drew in his comic book strip.

      The part where Dr.Maniac took Robby’s brother Sam I kept on thinking were Dr.Maniac could take Sam. After Robby heard about Sam he went to the city to find him. I was excited after I read this because I thought someone was going to stop him and then Dr.Maniac comes in and takes Robby too.

          When Robby went to the city with his friend Brooke he went to a store and ask a worker if they have seen his brother. All the worker said was “Get out of here we are closed.” but Robby did not leave. I thought that Robby should of went out outside because something bad would’ve happened After a few minutes they called security and chased Robby and Brooke up the the stairs.

            This is all I have read so far in my book, but I think this book is a really good book so far. Hope you might read this book because it is a really good book.

Me and my book

In my language arts class we are writing about how we can compare ourselves to the main character in our book. The main character in my book is Ray Gordon.

One thing we have in common is that our parent’s don’t believe what we say. For example if my sister hurt my brother and I said it wasn’t me, they would think is was me that hurt him. Something his family didn’t believe is when his puppet came to life and poured paint on his brother’s clothes. Something my family didn’t believe is that when I did all the work in the house, they said my sister did every thing and gave her all the credit.

That’s what me and my book character have in common. What do you have in common with your book character?


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